The Teeling Whiskey, an Ireland-based Irish whiskey company, has selected US-based Infinium Spirits as its new whiskey importer.

Founded in 2005, Infinium Spirits markets, distributes and sells wines and spirits. It offers vodka, rum, tequila and gin.

Infinium Spirits is expected to launch the Teeling Whiskey offering in the American market, throughout on- and off-premise channels, reported

The Teeling Whiskey will be an addition to Infinium Spirits’ existing portfolio, including Templeton Rye and The Last Drop Scotch whiskies, along with several other premium spirits brands.

According to the company, the Teeling Whiskey is made with hand-selected grain and malt Irish whiskies and matured in ex-rum casks.

The company also manufactures Teeling Whiskey Company Vintage Reserve and Poitin labels. It specialises in Irish Whiskey, Handcrafted Artisinal Irish whiskey.

The Teeling Whiskey is aimed at providing breadth and choice to the fast growing Irish whiskey market through handcrafted artisinal bottlings of Irish whiskey – reviving the Independent Spirit of Ireland.