Heineken’s unit and Jamaican brewer Desnoes and Geddes (D&G), which manufactures Red Stripe, is intending to begin production of the beer again in Jamaica by 2016 end.

This move is part of a larger strategy of Heineken to position Red Stripe as a global brand within Heineken’s portfolio.

It comes a few months after Heineken acquired Diageo’s stake in D&G, which took its total stake in the firm to 73.3%.

Heineken USA is currently preparing to control the management of Red Stripe beginning 1 March 2016.

Heineken president and CEO Ronald den Elzen said: "Heineken is the leader in upscale beer and cider because our products are rooted in traditions that translate to exceptional taste.

"We love the Jamaican culture and want to reinvigorate the brand and the iconic stubby bottle by bringing the production of Red Stripe back to Jamaica where it came to life nearly 90 years ago."

Red Stripe, a full-bodied lager beer, comes in stubby bottle.

Red Stripe managing director Ricardo Nuncio was quoted by Jamaicaobserver.com as saying: "We are determined to bring the US Red Stripe volumes back home. It feels very good to bring Red Stripe back to its roots and resume exporting it to the US market from Jamaica.

"This is one of a series of actions we have planned for Red Stripe’s strategic positioning as a key global brand. It will represent substantial investment by the company to ensure that the brewery is best positioned to deliver a competitive and consistently high quality product with reliable supply to the North American market."

In December 2015, Diageo closed the sale of stake in two joint ventures for $780.5m, thereby enabling control over brands such as Red Stripe to Heineken.

The transaction, which was announced in last October, involves Diageo offloading its brewing companies in Jamaica, Malaysia and Singapore, to Heineken.

Under the transaction, Heineken bought 57.9% stake in Diageo’s Jamaican brewer Desnoes & Geddes, which manufactures Red Stripe and Dragon brands.