UK’s independent regional brewer, Hall and Woodhouse has achieved an increase in productivity and operational efficiencies by installing Siemens’ Braumat automated process control system solution.

The installation of the system has allowed the brewery to increase its flexibility to produce according to seasonal requirements and expand production volumes based on demand.

The brewery moved to the new system from the previous highly manual process control system.

The system has numerous beneficial features including its built-in brewing engineering libraries that contain pre-defined solutions for the process covering the craft brewing, fermentation, cellar and filtration stages.

It also features a standardised production scheduler that can help operators manage production orders easily.

Siemens food and beverage liquid process manager for UK and Ireland Paul Daniels said: "We entered discussions with the brewhouse’s engineering vendor, T Musk Engineering through control system manager and principal engineer, Robert Jackson who was working alongside the Hall and Woodhouse management team.

"We quickly reached agreement that Braumat could give the company the dynamic, flexible, supportive and energy efficient solution they were seeking.

"In particular, we were able to demonstrate key benefits which would be essential if the company was to derive best value from its investment decision. These included Braumat’s ability to deliver exacting standards of process repeatability to ensure consistent beer quality."

Daniels also said that they settled for the system because it would give the brewery the system flexibility to adapt their beer recipes when required and would improve the visualisation of the entire plant status through the new automated control system that would allow the process team to react to problems quickly and prevent incidents of production downtime.