Glanbia Ingredients Ireland (GII) is set to open a new milk protein facility at its existing location in Virginia, County Cavan, Ireland.

The new facility, which will be opened on 15 December 2014, will process milk from neighbouring counties, on both sides of the border.

The processed milk will be supplied to clinical nutrition, sports and consumer food industries across the globe.

GII claimed that the facility will meet the technical standards of the clinical and lifestyle nutrition market, which is expected to grow by double digits over the next decade.

In the recent past, GII invested €200m in infrastructure to facilitate farmers and customers in boosting their businesses.

This investment was focused on the removing the quotas in 2015, which offers dairy farmers in Ireland with a generational opportunity to boost production for the first time in three decades.

GII is 40% owned by Glanbia while the remaining stake is owned by Glanbia Cooperative Society, which processes annually 1.6 billion litres of milk.

The company’s products, the large majority of which are exported, include milk powders, butter, cheese, whey protein, milk protein and casein.

Currently, GII is building a €150m plant in Belview which will boost the milk production in Ireland following the abolition of EU milk quotas in 2015.