Due South Brewing, a Florida-based distributing microbrewery, has partnered with Edge Brewing of Barcelona, Spain, to produce collaborative beers.

As part of the deal, Due South Brewing will host various events including beer dinners around Barcelona, where it will introduce and pair local food with its beers.

The company will also conduct question and answer sessions with local brewers to provide information on growing craft beer industry in the US.

Due South Brewing founder and head brewer Mike Halker will travel to Edge Brewing in February 2014 and will brew two different styles of beer, which will be released in early March 2014.

Halker was quoted by Craft Beer as saying that as the first brewery from south Florida to do an international collaboration, they are extremely excited to make the trip to Spain.

"I see this as much more than beer getting brewed. This collaboration indicates the beginning of a cultural shift in Spain, a country known more for its wine than its beer," Halker added.

"The American craft beer movement is gaining popularity in Europe and Due South Brewing Co. is thrilled to help expose the people of Spain to the plethora of flavor possibilities when it comes to designing unique beers. We’re not only going to make beer; we’re going to make a statement."

Due South Brewing’s portfolio of beers include Florida Style IPA, Caramel Cream Ale, Honey Vanilla Wheat, Roasted Cocoa Stout, Mariana Trench Imperial Stout, Pico Duarte Imperial Stout, Florida Blonde, Southbound Brown, Southern Saison, Cafe Ole Espresso Porter, Bridgeport Scotch Ale and others.

The brewery’s beers are currently available for sale only in Florida, from Key West to Daytona.