Empire Distributors has distributed Dalton Distillery’s TazaRay Sunflower Spirits in Tennessee, US.

Produced from sunflower seeds, the TazaRay range is claimed to be gluten free and aged in a barrel.

Empire Distributors retail spirits sales manager Charlie Kelly said: “We have had good success with the Georgia distribution of this unique brand. Grown from Georgia sunflowers, we see this sunflower spirit as an exciting new addition to our existing inventory in Tennessee.”

TazaRay Original is finished in recycled bourbon barrels, which is said to offer a buttery flavour profile with honeyed vanilla, a nutty flavour, and a hint of smoke.

“TazaRay Original is finished in recycled bourbon barrels, which is said to offer a buttery flavour profile.”

TazaRay RED is finished in recycled red wine barrels and is characterised by a nutty flavour blended with hints of blackberry, honeysuckle, and licorice.

With a presence in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Colorado, Empire distributes spirits, wine, beer, and nonalcoholic beverages.

Located in the foothills of the Northwestern Georgia mountains, Dalton Distillery is planning to expand the availability of the spirit in other regions of the countries through distribution agreements.