US-based Cisco Brewers has launched Madaquet Double india pale ale (IPA) beer under its new Island Reserve series.

The new beer pays homage to Madaket Millie, a local celebrity in Nantucket, Massachusetts. It was last produced in 2015, and this release marks Madaquet Double IPA’s entry in the broader Northeast market.

A piney, citrusy, New England style, double IPA, the new beer features ingredients such as pale malt, oats, mosaic, and galaxy, and contains 8% alcohol-by-volume (ABV).

The company claims that the product has been produced using a Hopnik brewing system to macerate and extract high concentrations of crystal hop oil on top of dry hopping.

"The product has been produced using a Hopnik brewing system."

Cisco Brewers CEO Jay Harman said: “The New England Double IPA style hit the craft beer scene a few years back and pushed the limits of what the craft beer consumer was looking for in a beer.

“Brewed with unfiltered fresh yeast and hop oil haze, Madaquet Double IPA is meant to be enjoyed as close to the packaging date as possible. We can package this beer on a Monday and have it on store shelves three days later, meaning that consumers are drinking the freshest beer available.”

Cisco Brewers’ new Island Reserve series will be retailed in 16oz cans and will be available in a four pack.

Madaquet Double IPA will be sold at certain locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington DC, and Vermont.