Castle Brands has acquired an additional 5% stake in the Copperhead Distillery, which owns and operates the Kentucky Artisan Distillery.

The Kentucky Artisan Distillery currently operates three warehouses, which stock Jefferson's bourbons and offer distilling operations using special mash-bills made from locally grown grains for Jefferson's brands.

Kentucky Artisan Distillery president and general manager Stephen Thompson said: "We are excited to expand our partnership with Castle Brands to further develop the super-premium Jefferson's portfolio.

“We look forward to working with Castle Brands on innovations such as estate farm-to-glass bourbon and a super-premium 100% rye whiskey."

"The acquisition will increase Castle Brands ownership in Copperhead to 25%."

The acquisition will increase Castle Brands ownership in Copperhead to 25%.

Castle Brands executive vice-president and chief operating officer John Glover said: "Our additional investment makes us the second largest shareholder in Kentucky Artisan Distillery and demonstrates our continued commitment to our Jefferson's brand.

“Partnering with Kentucky Artisan Distillery has provided a home for Jefferson's bourbon and allowed us the ability to develop, innovate, and expand our Jefferson's offerings.

“With Kentucky Artisan Distillery's expanded warehousing and distilling capabilities, we expect the partnership to continue to grow and develop with the Jefferson's brand."