US-based Buffalo Trace Distillery has plans to invest $200m over the next seven years to keep up with the growing demand for bourbon.

The company will also invest in cooking, fermenting, bottling, land, and additional barrel warehouses, as well as plans to open 30 new bourbon ageing warehouses.

The company has already acquired two buildings adjacent to its distillery in Kentucky. These have been converted into barrel warehouses, called T and U.

"We’re still looking at shortages across the board for all of brands."

Each of these warehouses can hold 50,000 barrels of bourbon. T is completely full and U is expected to be full by June.

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Two additional barrel warehouses, which will be filled in the next 12 months, include R and S. They can hold an additional 100,000 ageing barrels in total.

It plans to build one warehouse every five months over the next decade.

The distillery plans to commence construction of new barrel warehouses next year on the additional 200 acres of farmland it acquired a few years ago.

Buffalo Trace Distillery spokesperson Kris Comstock said: "We’re still looking at shortages across the board for all of brands, and although the volumes are increasing, allocations will continue."