Inspired by 18th century Europe, Lucas Bols the Dutch spirits company has released Bols Maraschino Liqueur to bolster its presence in the US spirits market.

Claimed by the Dutch brand to have become popular during the period mentioned, the Maraschino-flavoured newest entrant has been concocted to the convenience of bartenders who are in the habit of creating classic cocktails.

Lucas Bols master distiller Piet van Leijenhorst said: "Bols Maraschino is a clear, cherry-flavoured liqueur with the bright, slightly sour taste of fresh Marasca cherries, edged with hints of almond and rose petal. It’s a classic ingredient that is essential to any bar."

Anthony Pullen, Lucas Bols’ brand ambassador, added: "The idea here is to make classics like the Martinez, Hemingway Daiquiri, Beachcomber and Aviatino, to name just a few, accessible to cocktail enthusiasts who maybe don’t have $40 to spend on a liqueur. The Maraschino liqueur selection in the US has long been limited and certainly has not featured a product that combines quality and affordability the way Bols Maraschino does.

"We’re thrilled to bring an alternative to the market. Moreover, the ergonomic design of the new Bols bottle makes it easier than ever for bartenders to mix cocktails in the midst of a busy shift."

Containing 24% abv, each Bols Maraschino 750ml bottle is sold at a retail price of $17.99 and is now available across the US.

February saw the company float its shares for the first time on the Amsterdam stock exchange. The same month it also introduced its oldest genever in the US post-Prohibition.