The EU-backed plant will produce three flavors including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavor, and will have a capacity to produce nearly 250 liters of quinoa milk every day and 3,500 liters per month.

Commenting on the plant, Pro Bolivia management body director Oscar Alcaraz was quoted by EFE was saying: "It’s the world’s only quinoa milk plant to date."

This quinoa variety "helps combat osteoporosis and breast cancer, and assists in memory retention because of its amino acids," Alcaraz added.

Located in Uyuni, a town in the Andean province of Potosi, the plant requires an investment outlay of nearly $162,000, reports Bernama news agency.

In 2013, Bolivia had produced 61,182t of quinoa, of which 56% was for export, according to the private Bolivia Foreign Trade Institute.
The quinoa milk contains protein and vitamins D and E but has no lactose or cholesterol.