Massachusetts-based Blue Vase Marketing will be launching Emory Vodka, an ultra-premium product that is inspired from the Zebra Love oil on canvas signature collection of New York-based artist Blake Emory.

The Zebra Love concept has been translated on to frosted glass by CEO of Blue Vase Marketing Michael Alden who worked in partnership with Emory.

The vodka will be supported by Pearson & Pearson, a strategic marketing firm for the beverage industry.

Emory’s Zebra Love design has been embossed on to a signature artisan bottle with the company’s trademark red stiletto.

The proceeds from the sale of the vodka will be donated to ASPCA and invested in preventiing cruelty to animals.

Speaking about the product, Alden said: "We understand the premium spirits business and know how important it is to develop something marketable and unique for the consumer in an over saturated marketplace.

"The exceptional design portrayed in Zebra Love by Blake Emory creates a strong artistic impression and will form tremendous brand recognition for the product. This unique design element also allows us to develop alternate configurations for the new line while remaining creative and diverse.

"Launching a 100% corn based vodka that is naturally gluten free while being six times distilled will also deliver the ultra-premium taste that vodka lovers will expect."

The brand is expected to be released in the market by the summer and will cost $29-99 for 750ml.

Speaking about the design, Emory said: "The Zebra is one of nature’s grandest designs and I fell in love with this beautiful formation and found that its geometry gave me a new form of expression in Optic Modernism.

"The female figure represents the world of love and what I believe is a type of ‘social silhouette.’ Sharing my vision and inspiration through EMORY Vodka is an exciting new step in my career as an artist and I hope the impressionable brand design resonates with people everywhere."

Each piece from Emory’s collection will be named after the women who voluntary participated in the creative process of the product.

Image: The Emory Vodka bottle has the Zebra Love design embossed on it with the company’s trademark red stiletto. Photo: courtesy of Emory Vodka.