US-based company Blossom Brothers has launched a new botanical-infused wine spritzer across restaurants and bars in the country.

The Oregon-based company was founded by three experts from the craft beer, wine, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries.

The company claims that its spritzers are made using wine, natural botanical essences, water, and CO2. This beverage contains 6% alcohol and only 12g of sugar. It also do not contain sweeteners or artificial flavours.

The botanical-infused wine spritzers are available in three different combinations, including White Peach and Jasmine Flower.

The Blood Orange and Ginger Root is another flavoured combination made using citrus and ginger, while the Pink Grapefruit and Honeycomb offers a crisp, bright spritzer made using pink grapefruit and complemented by the natural sweetness of honeycomb.

These three flavours will be retailed in a four-pack of glass bottles for $11.99.

Blossom Brothers' president and partner Shawn Bavaresco said: “It starts with wine, really good wine with simple, natural, ingredients.

“My business partner brothers and I share a passion for food, wine, and entrepreneurship, having a history of creating soulful brands that resonate with a broad canvas of customers.

“At Blossom Brothers, we’ve created a fresh twist on premium wine that will appeal to all wine lovers, from neophytes to sophisticates.”

The company intends to expand its lineup on a seasonal basis with fresh new flavours and limited edition offerings.

Image: New Blossom Brothers Spritzers. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.