Switzerland-based natural juice producer Biotta has added Organic Carrot Juice to its US product line.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recognised the juices produced by Biotta including the latest addition as organic as a part US-Swiss organic equivalency agreement signed in July.

Processed through a mechanism verified by the Non-GMO Project, the Biotta Carrot Juice made from field-ripened carrots is expected to improve health and wellness.

Carrot juice, high in Vitamin A and a valuable source of antioxidants, promotes healthy eye function, an improved immune system, lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, and detoxification of the liver.

According to the company, one serving of the juice provides 270% of the recommended allowance of Vitamin A. Biotta Carrot Juice is available in 500ml bottles.

Biotta’s US distributor president Matt Herzog said: "Biotta Carrot Juice is an exciting addition not only because of its health benefits, but also because of the way it’s manufactured."

"Most carrot juices are pressed, which can damage the vegetable. In our process, the juice is gently decanted via centrifuge. Moreover, Biotta Organic Carrot Juice is never from concentrate. It’s the best carrot juice you can buy."