US-based Bevolution Group, a portfolio company of Highlander Partner’s, has expanded its offerings in the specialty beverage category with the acquisition of Dr Smoothie Brands, a US-based speciality beverage producer.

Highlander Partner is a provider of cold and hot beverage solutions to the foodservice industry.

The financial details of the transaction have not been divulged by both companies.

"We are excited about adding Dr Smoothie Brands to our portfolio."

Bevolution Group chief executive officer Sam Lteif said: “We are excited about adding Dr Smoothie Brands to our portfolio.

"Our customers are looking for innovative products and solutions, and Dr Smoothie's offerings are uniquely positioned to help us satisfy the demand in the market.

“We are continuing to deliver on our promise to be innovative and have the most comprehensive beverage solutions for the foodservice industry.

“Since its founding, Dr Smoothie has been on the forefront of health trends in the food industry, and we will continue this strategy with clean-label ingredient integrity and authenticity of flavours.

“We see a lot of exciting opportunities for this business, and together with Bevolution Group, Dr Smoothie will be able to continue its strong growth momentum.”

Dr Smoothie offers smoothies and beverage powders, which complements Bevolution Group's shelf-stable and frozen cocktail mixes, juice products, teas, lemonades, and sports and energy drinks.

The company's product portfolio includes, 100% crushed smoothies, as well as FIT-LYTE low-calourie and low-sugar smoothies, which are suitable for anyone seeking calorie or sugar reduction.

It also provides classic premium, clean label smoothies sweetened with non-genetically modified organism (GMO) cane sugar, frappes and organic smoothies for the most discerning consumer.

Café Essentials range features with frappes, hot cocoas, chai teas, and smoothie-ceuticals, which includes a wide range of nutritional supplements.