The Bardstown Bourbon (BBCo) has partnered with Copper & Kings American Brandy Company (C&K) to release two distinct products under the Collabor&tion brand made with ten-year-old straight bourbon whiskey.

Of the two products, one was finished in Copper & Kings’ American Brandy barrels and the other in Muscat Mistelle barrels.

It is claimed that both products have been aged for more than 18 months in the Copper & Kings basement maturation cellar.

BBCo president and CEO David Mandell said: “Collabor&tion is the first of many original releases from the Bardstown Bourbon Company.

“We’ve built our company by working together with many of the leaders in the spirits industry, and our philosophy of collaboration is reflected in the brands we’re developing, the companies we partner with, and the Kentucky communities that we represent.”

“Collabor&tion is the first of many original releases from the Bardstown Bourbon Company."

For creating ‘Collabor&tion’, BBCo master distiller Steve Nally and C&K head distiller Brandon O’Daniel have hand-selected the bourbon and blended it until it achieved the right flavour profiles, and chose the barrels for the finishing process.

The bourbon used for Collabor&tion was distilled in Indiana in 2006 by Lawrenceburg Distillers, which was made using 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley.

The Collabor&tion expression aged at Copper & Kings American Brandy barrels has cask strength of 113 proof, and the expression of the Mistelle barrel is bottled at cask strength of 94 proof.

Copper & Kings American Brandy Company president and CEO Joe Heron said: “Coll&boration is not made to be collected; it’s far more special than that. Its heart is friendship, enjoying company, and bringing out the best in each other.”

Collabor&tion is a limited edition product, which is available in selected Kentucky retail stores, BBCo and C&K gift shops, as well as a small selection of fine retailers across the US.

Image: The Bardstown Bourbon Company and Copper & Kings American Brandy Company released ten-year-old Collabor&tion straight bourbon whiskey. Photo: courtesy of Copper & Kings.