The Government of Australia plans to invest A$50m ($39.7m) in the wine industry over the next three years.

This investment is designed to increase wine exports up to A$3.5bn ($2.7bn) and promote wine tourism in regional communities.

The Export and Regional Wine Support Package was launched as part of the initiative to deliver sustainable export growth and strengthen support for increased international wine tourism.

The package will feature four distinct programmes including an eight-fold increase in investment for marketing campaigns in countries such as the US and China.

"Australian states will also receive competitive grants to develop wine tourism experiences and attract international tourists."

Focus will also be on increasing the capabilities and capacities of wine businesses to capture export and tourism opportunities through wine exports grants.

Australian states will also receive competitive grants to develop wine tourism experiences and attract international tourists.

In addition to wine, the programme will emphasise a transformation of cider businesses by building knowledge of potential export markets.

Australia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Barnaby Joyce said: "Australia's wine industry has enjoyed significant growth in recent years on the back of the Coalition's market access gains, with our wine exports forecast to exceed 800 million litres and A$2.5bn ($1.9bn) in 2017-2018.

"This package aims to build on this, delivering up to 8% per annum value growth across all export markets to 2021–22, including 15 to 17% in China and 6% in the US.

"At home, the package will help to attract up to 40,000 more international tourists to visit our world-renowned wine regions, and take the great Australian wine tour, by 2019-20, delivering an estimated A$170m [$135m] to the economy."