Veteran Australian winemaker Steve Roden has announced the launch of the 2013 Insurrection red blend.

The wine is produced by mixing two grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz that lends it both flavor and intensity.

The 2013 Insurrection will be available in aromas of red berries, plum, cherry and spice.

Australia’s struggling export market has led to an abundance of exceptional fruits available at affordable prices.

Currently, the volume of Australian wine has dipped about 7% in Nielsen 52-week period ending 28 March 2015.

Speaking about the wine, Roden said: "I am extremely proud of this wine because it highlights all the things Australian wines are best known for: big, rich flavor, tons of fruit and immediate drinkability.

"I defy you to find a bigger, better value than Insurrection. It’s a great solution to a problem that I, as a winemaker, relish, because we have so much great, powerful fruit to work with in Australia right now."

The winemaker sourced the Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz from South Eastern Australia vineyards, Padthaway and Langhorne Creek.

The Insurrection fruit was kept on the vine for a long time to make it concentrate the flavors. Night harvest ensured that the wine maintained its freshness and rotary fermentation enhanced its power.

The wine has an alcohol content of 15.5% and contains French and American oak aged for nine months that contributed the spice to the beverage.

Image: The Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz for the wine was sourced from Padthaway and Langhorne Creek vineyards. Photo: courtesy of Insurrection.