Anheuser-Busch intends to bolster sales of Bud Light Lime-A-Rita with a new promotional campaign, called "Fiesta Ready", as well as launch new flavours.

The new promotional campaign will celebrate "margarita moments" based on the case that margarita can used in order to turn regular occasions into special ones.

The Belgium brewer intends to launch a series of commercials, on TV in addition to the use of billboards, train wraps, etc., throughout 2016.

It is also introducing variants with lower alcohol content. These include Lime-A-Rita Splash and Straw-Ber-Rita Splash, which carry 4% alcohol by volume (ABV).

The earlier Lime-A-Rita brand, introduced in 2012, carried 8% ABV.

The firm is intending to introduce Lime-A-Rita Splash with bigger media campaign, which comprises media such as TV, out-of-home advertising and new partnerships.

Starting 7 March, Splash will become available in retail outlets in six-pack, 12 bottles.

Lime-A-Rita senior director Mallika Monteiro said: "When it launched in 2012, Lime-A-Rita shook up the Flavored Malt Beverage category, and has proven to be one of the most successful innovations within the beer industry, to-date.

"With the introduction of Splash, Lime-A-Rita continues to reinvent the category as a convenient cocktail solution that helps our consumers extend the weekend, and treat themselves to a margarita whenever they choose."

The firm is also planning to roll out some more flavours such as Water-Melon-Rita, a new seasonal summer flavour, along with several new flavours that will be introduced throughout the year in select markets.