Orchard Glass

US-based cider maker Angry Orchard has launched a new glass, called the Orchard Glass, to improve cider drinking experience.

The new glass is the result of testing of more than 50 glass options with a wide range of shapes and openings.

Cider is said to taste somewhere between wine and beer.

The project was supported by a panel consisting of cider experts across the world including Peter Mitchell of the Cider & Perry Academy in the UK and Roy Desrochers of Tufts University Sensory and Science Center along with Boston University Adjunct Professor Sandy Block.

The panel evaluated the functional design features required to bring out key flavour and aroma of the cider.

Desrochers said: "The Orchard Glass has significant drinker benefits.Our team of trained and certified descriptive sensory panelists evaluated the glass and determined the Orchard Glass improves the cider drinking experience from a flavor, aroma and ergonomic perspective when compared to a traditional pint glass or a bottle."

The Orchard Glass features nucleation seed which is a small etching to slightly enhance carbonation, rounded bowl to help collect and concentrate the cider aromas, Chimney that narrows from a wide bowl to a more concentrated opening for more intense aromas and the straight lip that places cider at the right spot on the palate.

Additionally, the newly developed cider-glass will help maintain the optimal temperature and also improve ergonomics.

Priced at $14.95 for a two-pack, the glass is now available at Angry Orchard’s e-store.

Image: Angry Orchard launches new cider glassware: The Orchard Glass. Photo: PRNewsFoto/Angry Orchard.