Japanese food and chemical company Ajinomoto is set to enter the powdered drinks market in India with the launch of Blendy brand.

It will begin selling Blendy 3-in-1 coffee and masala chai in the state of Tamil Nadu.

In line with Ajinomoto’s FY2017-2019 medium-term management plan of achieving food products business growth with a stronger regional portfolio, the move marks Blendy’s first launch outside Japan.

The products will be available in small neighbourhood retail outlets in the state. The company also plans to launch the brand in other Indian states in the future.

“The move marks Blendy’s first launch outside Japan.”

Priced at Rs10 a packet, Blendy 3-in-1 Coffee and Blendy 3-in-1 Masala Chai enable consumers to prepare their own cup of tea or coffee by adding hot water.

The company focuses on developing product categories based on local eating habits and food culture.

India is the eighth market for the company’s powdered drinks business after venturing into other markets such as Thailand and Vietnam.