Napa Hills has launched a range of sparkling waters that deliver the nutritional benefit of red wine without the alcohol, sugar or calories.

A serving of the water is said to deliver red wine and grape skin extracts. It also contains bioactive antioxidant blend VitaRes, which was developed by Napa Hills’ founder alongside bio-science, winemaking and beverage production experts in the US.

VitaRes also contains resveratrol, a naturally occurring antioxidant in red wine known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and cardiovascular benefits. The new products are said to feature more than ten times the resveratrol found in a glass of red wine.

“Our new naturally flavoured sparkling waters are fortified with red wine’s antioxidants.”

Claimed to be the world’s first sparkling water to deliver these antioxidants, Napa Hills’ portfolio includes Cherry Rosé, Peach Grigio, Lemon Chardonnay and Pinot Berry flavours, which are available in 750ml and 375ml glass bottles.

Napa Hills founder Ellona Jarvis said: “The response to our original heart-healthy waters has been fantastic. Consumers have also been asking for a sparkling version to accompany meals and entertaining.

“Our new naturally flavoured sparkling waters are fortified with red wine’s antioxidants. They’re delicious, unsweetened and preservative-free.

“Napa Hills Sparkling Waters make a beautiful and refreshing addition to any table. They also provide restaurants with a sophisticated hydration alternative, because each of our fruit flavours is designed to pair with your favourite foods.”

Napa Hills introduced its first sparkling water in 2017. The company claims that its products are made using sustainably sourced ingredients and any by-products are recycled.