Hemp-based beverages provider mood33 has expanded the footprint of its hemp-infused herbal teas across the US market through online distribution.

The company noted that all six herbal tea flavours are now available for purchase by placing an order through the company’s online store.

Mood33 co-founder Eric Schnell said: “After our tremendously successful launch in New York back in November, we are thrilled to expand mood33’s availability to all 50 states

“Our herbal teas have been well-received by consumers in areas where they’re sold. Instead of asking our customers to wait for us to come to them, we’re taking advantage of e-commerce and going directly to them.”

The company claims that each bottle of mood33 contains 33mg of full-spectrum hemp, as well as a blend of herbs and botanicals.

The herbal tea lineup includes Calm, which consists of lavender and chamomile, while the Joy variant features peach and yerba mate, and the Energy variant includes raspberry lemon, guayusa and green tea.

Furthermore, Peace variant comprises watermelon, mint and basil, while the Wellbeing beverage contains blueberries, reishi shrooms, hops and the Passion variant is produced using passionfruit, hibiscus and lime.

To create these beverages, the company uses its proprietary CBD microencapsulation to ensure its hemp extracts achieve water solubility and increased bioavailability.

With 70 or fewer calories, the herbal infused teas are vegan, non-GMO and free of preservatives, artificial sweeteners or colours.

The beverage comes in a resealable aluminium bottle so consumers can drink the desired amount and chill the rest for later.

Mood33 released their hemp-infused herbal tea range across the US last November.