US-based brewing company MillerCoors will relaunch its American style lager beer Miller64 in the market with a new look.

The company have said that the beer variant will be suitable for customers looking for lower-calorie light beer options.

MillerCoors brand marketing manager Nigel Jones said: “We’re reinforcing what an extra light beer can be. Miller64 is a bit more flavour than you’d expect, especially at just 64 calories but it’s balanced and refreshing. A perfect fit for a growing group of drinkers who pay close attention to health and wellness trends.

“With Miller64, we think we have a product already in our portfolio that speaks directly to them.”

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With 2.8% alcohol by volume (ABV), Miller64 contains 64 calories per 12oz serving and its packaging will feature a brighter palette of colours. The beer was first released in 2008 as MGD Light 64 and renamed as Miller64 at a later stage.

The move to relaunch the beer comes in response to the growing demand for alcoholic beverages with relatively light flavour profiles.

Jones added: “They’re clearly more open to beers with this type of flavour profile than we’ve ever seen before. We feel great about Miller64 and all of the excitement around it.

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“We think we have something here and we can’t wait to see what kind of momentum we can build in the months ahead.”

Last February, MillerCoors launched its Two Hats brand with a line of fruit-flavoured light beers. Budget-friendly and designed for a new generation of drinkers, the brand’s flavour options include lime and pineapple.

Packaged in 16oz can of a four or six-pack, the fruit-flavoured light beer comes with an alcohol content of 4.2% ABV.