Australian Beer Company has expanded its Yenda Beer range with the launch of Yenda Session, a new mid-strength beer.

With 3.5% alcohol by volume (ABV), Yenda Session is a full-flavour lager that has had an extended brewing period.

The company introduced its new mid-strength beer to the public last month at a sports event at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium.

Yenda Session will be released across the Australian alcoholic beverage market in on-tap and in 330ml bottles. It will be available in on-premise venues, off-premise retailers and independent bottle shops.

“Mid-strengths are the second largest segment in beer, and fastest growing at 16% year-on-year.”

Yenda beerologist Sam Johnstone said: “Mid-strengths are the second largest segment in beer, and fastest growing at 16% year-on-year as more consumers are shifting to more sessionable beers.

“Drinking in moderation is a key driver for that, mid-strengths are popular because they can be enjoyed for their lower alcohol and their crisp fresh flavours.

“Unlike most craft-brewed mid-strengths, Yenda Session is a lager, making it a refreshing, not too challenging alternative to heavier, more challenging beers. It’s made in a traditional style but with more flavour and premium cues, which is what we think makes it a bit different.”

Produced using water from the Snowy Mountains in Australia and local barley from farmers in the New South Wales (NSW) Riverina region, Yenda Session is claimed to contains no additives or preservatives.

Johnstone further added: “More and more beer drinkers are now looking to trade up to something a little bit better, and we’ve seen that drive the shift away from traditional mid-strengths towards more contemporary, crafty cues.”

Coca-Cola Amatil jointly owns Australian Beer Company with Casella Family Brands.