Miami Cocktail has signed a distribution agreement with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits and The Reyes Group to boost the sale of its new serve ‘Organic SPRITZ’

Miami Cocktail’s Organic SPRITZ will be available in five different varieties, including Organic Bellini, Margarita, Mimosa, Paloma and Sangria SPRITZ.

With 4.2% of alcohol by volume (ABV), Organic SPRITZ a non-GMO product said to be free from gluten, added sugar, additives or preservatives, containing only 110 calories per can.

The company added that its beverage line has been produced using all-natural ingredients and packaged in BPA-free cans.

Miami Cocktail co-founder and CEO Ross Graham said: “People today are far more conscious of what they consume. There are more and more ready-to-drink alcohol brands claiming to be ‘better for you’ but they all start and stop with a simple caloric claim.

“We go well beyond that with the transparency of ingredients, true quality, real organic certified cocktails that deliver what ultimately matters most – taste. Authentic cocktails that are light and refreshing, with lower calories and no added sugar, with real ingredients, that active, health-conscious individuals will enjoy and feel better about drinking.”

By early Q1, Miami Cocktail will be expanding its product distribution across Florida, California, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Texas and Tennessee.

Miami Cocktail’s offering will complement its existing organic bottled cocktails, ‘Small Batch Originals’.

Reyes Group Beer Division CEO Tom Day said: “We are excited about launching with Miami Cocktail Company across many of our markets in 2020.”