US-based alcoholic beverage maker LYTT has launched its new Guaranà-infused hard seltzer sparkling teas in the market.

The company said that its new seltzer sparkling tea range has been produced using its process of alcohol brewing from fermented sugar with Guaranà as well as organic tea, blended with organic cane alcohol.

Speaking of the development, LYTT founder and CEO Michel Myara said: “Our products are full-flavoured and naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit, so they are still sweet and flavour-forward despite being zero-sugar.

“I was waiting for someone to do something original and it didn’t happen. So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. I wanted to develop the hard seltzer with the most points of differentiation. If I was going to enter this space, it had to be with something no one else was doing.”

With 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), LYTT’s new hard seltzers lineup features three flavours including Moroccan Mint Tea, Raspberry Black Tea and Peach Black Tea.

Moroccan Mint Tea and Raspberry Black Tea varieties are sweetened using Monk Fruit as a natural non-calorific sweetener, while Peach Black Tea is an unsweetened offering.

The company claims that its new hard seltzer sparkling tea range contains 100 calories and it is free from gluten and sugar.

In addition, the drinks are packed in a neon-hued, 12oz soda cans with fun designs.

Myara said: “Nothing bores me more than the sea of hard seltzers using white, 12-ounce sleek cans. I wanted colourful cans and a different format.”