US-based Lompoc Brewing set to close its brewery operations in Portland on 29 October, after 23 years in the business.

Lompoc Brewing is one of the oldest breweries in the region. Its closure includes a brewery and two pubs on North Williams Avenue.

Lompoc Brewing is part of the old-guard of craft breweries. It was established in 1996 and is claimed to be a Portland favourite.

The company’s Oaks Bottom Public House on SE Bybee Boulevard will continue to operate as an independent business entity. It will be owned and operated by Lompoc founder Jerry Fechter.

Oaks Bottom will be engaged in selling all remaining Lompoc beer.

The brewery will hire most of the employees at Oaks Bottom, offering a severance package to some remaining employees.

Lompoc Brewing Brewmaster Bryan Keilty moved to another brewery.

In a statement, the company said: “We want to thank everyone for their support over the past 23 years.”

A final ‘garage sale’ will be held on 2 November at Sidebar to sell vintage Lompoc bottles, merchandise and more.

Last September, Lompoc Brewing announced the closure of its Lompoc Tavern pub on 1620 NW 23rd Ave.

In 1993, the company opened the Old Lompoc Tavern, which was engaged in the production of handcrafted ales and lagers.

In May 2000, the business was renamed the New Old Lompoc after Fechter and Don Younger acquired it.