Latitude Beverage, a Boston-based firm with a wine and spirits portfolio, has launched its first tequila with Tequila Zarpado in the US.

The firm partnered with boutique distillery Cavas de Don Max and master blender Dan Becherano to create Tequila Zarpado, made from mature blue agave grown in Los Valles, Jalisco, Mexico, and is double-distilled in small batches.

It is created by combining traditional tequila-making methods with the Becherano family’s practices, resulting in an earthy sweetness balanced with spices and a full-bodied agave flavour.

Cavas de Don Max master blender Dan Becherano said: “In my family, tequila-making is more than just a job; it’s a lifelong passion. We pour our hearts into each handcrafted batch of tequila we make, and I cannot wait for people to get their hands on Tequila Zarpado so they can taste it for themselves.”

Latitude Beverage’s wine and spirits brands portfolio include 90+ Cellars, Iron Side, Mija Sangria, Magic Door Vineyards, Steel Dust Vodka and Wheel Horse Whiskey.

The company rolled out Tequila Zarpado in ten markets across the US, namely Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island.

The latest offering carries a suggested retail price (SRP) of $24.99.

Latitude Beverage spirits director Terry Lozoff said: “While the tequila shelves in the US have grown substantially in the past few years, there really aren’t any new brands that are bringing this high quality of handcrafted, small-batch tequila at an under $25 price point.”

In October last year, Latitude Beverage partnered with Owensboro Distilling to expand the Wheel Horse Whiskey portfolio with Wheel Horse Bourbon.