UK gin distiller Langley’s England has signed a five-year distribution deal with leading Asia wine and spirits distributor Milestone Beverages.

The partnership began in April and Milestone Beverages has already secured the distribution of Langley’s England gins in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

The gins party to the distribution deal are Langley’s No 8 and Langley’s Old Tom gins. Langley’s No 8 was the company’s eighth attempt at creating a London Dry gin that suits the modern palate. It has a 41.7% alcohol by volume (ABV) and is made with angelica root, ground nutmeg, cassia bark and cloves. Its aroma and taste are primarily of juniper with hints of citrus and other subtle notes.

Langley’s Old Tom has a 47% ABV and is based on an 1891 recipe that combines eight botanicals. It has a juniper and creamy orange aroma and lingering tastes of juniper, fennel, nutmeg, lemon peel and coriander.

Langley’s England co-founder Mark Dawkins said: “We’ve developed a great presence for Langley’s in both Europe and the US, and have been looking at launching into Asia for some time.

“This is a pivotal moment for the brand as we are carefully approaching each export market with a tailored strategy. Following an extensive selection process, Milestone Beverages was the obvious choice as they share our values and showed a great understanding of the Langley’s portfolio.”

Milestone Beverages managing director Joe Milner said: “We have agreed a clear strategy which is extensively focusing on distribution and education as a way to increase consumer awareness and appreciation of the brand.

“Asia Pacific is a region in constant evolution with a growing cocktail culture and high demand for quality, premium spirits and these are ideal conditions for the gins to grow.”

Owned by Charter Brands, Langley’s England was founded in 2011 and claims to create ‘quintessentially English’ gins that combine traditional and innovative methods with high quality ingredients and botanicals from across the world.

It began to distribute Langley’s No 8 variety in Europe in 2018 and launched Langley’s Old Tom gin in 2016. Its third product, Langley’s First Chapter, was launched in 2017 in five export markets.

The First Chapter variant uses ten botanicals and time-honoured methods to create a traditional English gin. It tastes and smells of juniper and citrus peel and has a hint of coriander in its aroma.

Based in Hong Kong, Milestone Beverages claims to be the first independent Wine and Spirits company in the Asia Pacific region with an international portfolio of brands. Its portfolio includes Blowfish wine, Taisteal single malt whisky and Witchcraft wine.