Kona Gold Solutions has entered new distribution agreements with Milestone Beverage and Carolina Coastal Beverage, two South Carolina beverage distributors.

The addition of new distribution partners is part of Kona Gold Solutions’ strategy to expand in the Southeast US. The two partners cover more than 16 counties in South Carolina.

As a part of the deal, Milestone Beverage and Carolina Coastal will distribute Kona Gold hemp energy drinks and HighDrate canabidiol (CBD) energy waters.

Headquartered in Lexington, Milestone Beverage is an alcohol and non-alcohol beverage distributor of products such as juice, energy drinks, carbonated soft drinks, sparkling waters, alkaline waters, wine and craft beer.

Carolina Coastal Beverage is a speciality and boutique distribution company that focuses distribution in Horry County.

“Carolina Coastal serves one of the country’s biggest tourist markets.”

Kona Gold sales vice-president Chris Selinger said: “Milestone Beverage and Carolina Coastal Beverage gives Kona Gold two more strategic distribution partners. Their distribution territories cover 17 counties in South Carolina that will facilitate significant exposure for Kona Gold and HighDrate.

“Milestone Beverage currently serves over 900 convenience stores and speciality outlets in their markets. Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks and HighDrate CBD Energy Waters will be a great addition to Milestone’s current product lines.

“Carolina Coastal serves one of the country’s biggest tourist markets, Myrtle Beach, which will be great exposure for our brands.”

Kona Gold is currently working on securing additional distribution partners in the Carolina’s, Georgia, Kentucky, Iowa, Virginia and California.

In May last year, Kona Gold signed two distribution agreements in Bermuda and New York.