King’s Row Coffee has launched a nitro cold-brew coffee line to the US market.

Called King’s Brew, the beverages were created by chef Craig Shelton. The collection features Original Black, Maple Water, Bourbon & Butter, Decaf Cappuccino and Mushroom Mocha flavours.

King’s Row Coffee CEO Sam Sabky said: “We wanted to create a line of cold brew that was innovative and trend-forward, but also timeless. Most ready-to-drink coffees are unoriginal in flavour and full of sugar and calorie-dense additives.

“We wanted to make sure that our nitro cold brew offered something new to consumers, while also delivering on flavour, quality, health and convenience.

“All of our flavours are geared toward a different type of coffee drinker, and each taste boasts its own benefits, making the drink as unique as the consumer.”

The company claims that the King’s Brew range has 1g of organic cane sugar in each can.

Shelton said: “Our mission is to craft best-in-class cold brew. Most cold-brew manufacturers buy beans from a roaster and have little to no involvement in sourcing or roasting, which are paramount to the end experience.

“Their control over the flavour profile, other than adding sugar and additives, is extremely limited. We, on the other hand, are involved in every step, from the sourcing to the roasting to the blending, brewing and canning, which gives us the ability to manage quality at every level and ensure that the end flavour is truly exceptional.”

The US-based beverage firm said that its King’s Brew is available on the company website and will be retailed in New England Whole Foods, Market District, Central Market, Fresh Thyme, Festival Foods and Roche Bros stores.