Kings County Distillery has released Kings County Straight Bourbon, Kings County Peated Bourbon and Kings County Single Malt whiskey in 750ml custom-designed bottles.

Designed and imported from England, the bottles are available for purchase through the Pittsburgh tri-state area for between $69 and $75. It will be released across the US later this year.

Kings County Distillery co-founder and head distiller Colin Spoelman said: “We built our business off of 200ml and 375ml bottles, which is unusual but was a fit for our home audience in New York City, who were people shopping on foot and happy to slip a flask in their pocket.

“Small bottles also allowed customers to take a risk on something new. But as we now have regular customers asking for larger bottles, as well as distribution in 20 other states and six countries, our sizing has grown up.

“Bars and restaurants that will be especially grateful for the new format, and for our regular customers, it means more of our whiskey at a better price.”

The company announced the completion of a four-year project to increase distillation capacity at its factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The completion of facility expansion has seen the addition of 1,350-gallon still to the existing stills at the facility.

The new still, cooker and fermentation capacity would enable Kings County to expand five-fold over the next few years.

Spoelman further added: “Compared with other distillers right now, this makes us only a medium-sized craft whiskey maker, which is still orders of magnitude smaller than what goes on from the big guys in Kentucky.”