Kill Cliff is set to expand its performance beverage line with the launch of Ignite, a new energy drink for workouts.

Ignite will be added to Kill Cliff’s existing beverage line-up, which includes Endure and Recover.

Kill Cliff’s new drink offers a comprehensive beverage solution for athletes of all ages and levels.

Ignite (12oz) blends 150mg of natural caffeine, B-vitamins and electrolytes. Free from sugar and artificial flavours and colours, it is recommended to be consumed shortly before a workout.

“Ignite (12oz) blends 150mg of natural caffeine, B-vitamins and electrolytes.”

Endure (16oz) combines a slow-release carb fuel derived from non-genetically modified organism (GMO) sugar beets. It promotes sustained endurance and fat burning during exercise for optimal workout performance.

Recover (12oz) is a blend of plant extracts, enzymes, B-vitamins and electrolytes to support hydration and post-workout recovery.

Kill Cliff CEO Joe Driscoll said: “We’ve designed this new full system of clean beverages to support the everyday warrior in all of us.

“Whether you’re training solo for an Iron Man, enjoying a killer group fitness class, or partnering with your little one in a pre-K 5k, we’re proud to offer products that fuel your mind and body.”

The company is also releasing new packaging across all three beverages. Kill Cliff’s complete range will be available in retailers across the US, including military bases and Hy-Vee locations.