US-based soft drinks producer Jones Soda has reached an agreement with Kroger to launch its Special Release series of limited-edition flavours across 1,800 stores in the US.

The company said that the stock-keeping units of its Special Release will change every six months with revivals of other popular products, which are not part of the company’s existing line-up, as well as with new one-of-a-kind flavours.

The company anticipates that this scheme will help retailers drive sales by offering a rotating series of unique soda flavours that can create demand in a manner similar to seasonal craft beers.

Jones Soda president and CEO Mark Murray said: “Kroger’s decision to carry our Special Release series is a strong validation of our strategy of adding limited-edition flavours to our standard line-up.

“With the allure of limited-time-only products, as well as the pipeline of innovation we are creating by using this programme to test new flavours, we are creating a new revenue stream that will help us continue on our current growth trajectory.”

Under the Special Release programme, the company launched Birthday Cake Soda and Pineapple Cream Soda.

Kroger also committed to supporting the programme because of the long-time successful relationship with Jones Soda.

The Special Release programme is one of two Jones Soda line extensions, which was announced this year to advance a strategic growth plan.

In April 2017, Jones Soda rolled out its Green Apple Cane Sugar Soda across 400 locations of 7-Eleven in the Pacific Northwest region. The products were retailed at these stores as part of the Big Gulp programme.