Jetinno Intelligent Equipment is initiating its global expansion strategy by exhibiting its products at annual self-service vending industry event NAMA 2018 in Las Vegas, USA, on 21 March.

At the event, the integrated solutions provider will unveil its range of Chinese coffee machine products, including the JL500, a free-standing fully automated coffee machine, and two new small table top coffee machines, which have been designed for the catering market.

Jetinno claims it only takes 45 seconds to for the JL500 to make a cup of coffee. The device also supports a variety of payment methods and DIY flavours.

At NAMA 2018, the company will also listen to consumers in order to find out the best ways to customise its products to meet the needs of the US market and improve customer experience.

“Jetinno will also listen to consumers at NAMA 2018 in order to discover the best way to customise its products to meet the needs of the US market.”

The company uses the latest AI technology, including voice recognition, human body induction and face payment, to enable consumers to buy its products conveniently.

The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) has reported that the yearly coffee consumption per capita in the US is 500 cups, while in China it is only 20 cups.

Therefore, the ICO concludes that for Chinese brands to achieve success in the US they must have the ambition to break the market pattern.

As well as showcasing its products at the event, Jetinno will also be able to offer more exposure for other Chinese brands in the US market.

This will give coffee machine producers operating in the US and consumers more opportunities to understand Chinese coffee machine technology.