Kirin Brewery is set to release two new whisky brands in the Japanese beverage market.

Called Fuji and Riku, the new whisky brands will first addition to Kirin Holdings’ liquor portfolio in more than a decade.

Named after Mount Fuji, Fuji expression is said to have been produced using pure whisky from a distillery in Shizuoka Prefecture. It offers a sweet aroma.

The company expect to soon start exporting its new whisky expression to the overseas markets.

From 21 April, the Fuji whisky will be available at restaurants and can be purchased for JPY6,000 ($56.07) per 700ml bottle.

The Riku brand is produced using blends of whiskies sourced from overseas distilleries.

It will be available for purchase from 19 May for approximately JPY1,500 ($14.02) per 500ml bottle.

The Japanese beverage company anticipates that the release of the two new whiskies will help in expanding its market share in Japan and abroad.

Kirin Brewery’s announcement follows the supply shortage of domestic whisky due to highball, or whisky mixed with soda.

Currently, the sale of aged whiskies is being stopped due to a steep rise in the demand for alcoholic beverage products.

Kirin representative was quoted by Japan Times as saying: “We’ve bolstered our facilities and are prepared to put all our effort into restarting sales.”

In July 2018, Kirin Brewery’s subsidiary Spring Valley Brewery (SVB) and Portland-based craft brewery Widmer Brothers Brewing launched Sudachi Ace Gose, a beer brewed with lactic acid.

Sudachi Ace Gose is produced using sudachi and kabosu, two types of Japanese citrus fruit that are combined with coriander seed. It also features a light salty flavour from shio-koji, a Japanese seasoning made with salt and malted rice.