Trade disputes between Japan and South Korea have impacted Japanese beer exports to the latter.

Data revealed that exports from Japan to South Korea plunged to zero last month, among which, beer exports are said to have been severely affected.

South Korea is reported to be one of the principal markets for the Japanese beers, which dropped to 0% due to dispute over wartime history.

According to data from Japan’s Finance Ministry, the monthly beer exports to South Korea dropped to zero for the first time last month since June 1999.

Beer exports are reported to have gone down 92.2% in comparison to last year.

Last year, a South Korean court gave a ruling directing Japanese firms to pay compensation to Koreans over forced wartime labour.

In response to this, the Japanese government implemented strict controls over South Korean exports, including semiconductor materials used for manufacturing memory chips and display screens.

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The dispute between the two countries worsened in July due to diplomatic tensions over compensation for wartime labour.

These prevailing tensions have impacted beer exports from Japan.

However, Japan argued that the disputes were settled in 1965 after diplomatic ties were normalised between the neighbouring countries.

Boycott of Japanese products by the South Korean consumers was not only limited to beer brands but also covered other sectors, including automotive and additional retail segments.

According to news agency Kyodo, South Korea accounts for around 60% of total overseas shipments last year.