Isle of Skye Brewing has announced the acquisition of craft brewery Black Wolf and its beer products from VC2 Brands.

Reported to be in line with Isle of Skye Brewing’s expansion strategy, the move will enable the company to further expand its footprint in the European and US market.

Isle of Skye Brewing Company’s managing director Kenny Webster said: “The purchase of Black Wolf Brewery from our friends at VC2 Brands is a hugely positive move for both businesses.

“For Skye Brewing in particular, by having our own owned bottling facilities, we’ll be able to meet current growth demands and look at additional opportunities.

“Skye Brewing has gone from strength to strength since the first brew back in 1995. We look forward to bringing a taste of the island to more people as we increase production thanks to the new deal.”

The deal will enable the Skye-based firm to operate its own bottling facilities for the first time.

Isle of Skye’s beers such as Skye Gold and Skye Craft lager will continue to be produced at Uig, Scotland. Black Wolf will also continue bottling operations for other brands.

Black Wolf Brewery was originally known as Traditional Scottish Ales (TSA) before it was rebranded in 2014. Its product offering includes craft, premium and heritage-style brews, including Rok IPA, Lomond Gold and 1488, BBC reported.