Innocent Drinks has entered the dairy-free alternatives market with its new range of non-dairy milk products.

The range comprises three products: almond, oat and hazelnut milk. They have been designed to be added to tea, coffee or breakfast cereal.

The three products are made with the same base ingredients, spring water and sea salt, which are then added to the roasted nut or grain corresponding to the product’s name. The hazelnut variety also contains rice, which Innocent claims improves the sweetness and consistency of the milk.

The dairy-free range will be available from April at leading UK retailers and a 750ml bottle will cost £1.99.

By entering the UK dairy-free alternatives market, Innocent joins brands like Alpro, Rebel Kitchen and Oatly.

According to data from retail analysts Mintel, the UK non-dairy market grew by 155% from 36 million litres in 2011 to 92 million litres in 2013 while sales of cow’s milk and cream have grown by just 3%. Alpro currently dominates controlling 64% of the market.

Renub research has predicted that the global diary-free milk alternative market will grow at a double digit compound annual growth rate and be worth $34bn by 2024.

Innocent was founded in 1999 and is majority-owned by Coca-Cola. It donates 10% of all profits to charities working across the world to combat world hunger.

Other products in Innocent’s portfolio include fruit smoothies, not-from-concentrate juices, coconut water and sparkling fruit juices, called Innocent Bubbles.

Launched in May 2015, the coconut water and Innocent Bubbles were the most recent additions to the brand’s product selection.