Infusion Biosciences, a biotechnology company, has announced the launch of its first beverage product in the US with KALO.

The company claims that its product has been produced using its proprietary water-soluble hemp extract ingredient Infuz2O.

Infusion Biosciences director and CEO Dr Arup Sen said: “The launch with KALO, a beverage utilising our proprietary and naturally occurring water-soluble hemp-derived Infuz2O marks an important milestone and is a commercial validation of our APP Technology.

“The formulation knowledge we are developing for hemp Infuz2O will directly benefit Sproutly Canada Inc, the licensee of APP Technology in Canada, to develop cannabis and hemp beverages and edibles.”

KALO beverages are supplied by Whole Plant Extractions (WPE), a joint venture (JV) between Infusion Biosciences and HillviewMed that does business as (DBA) Hillview.

With only 15 calories per drink, the entire KALO beverage lineup has been produced using five ingredients.

The KALO beverage portfolio includes flavoured seltzers containing natural hemp phytochemicals such as cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Based in New Jersey, Hillview is engaged in growing and manufacturing safe and effective cannabis and hemp products.

It also grows plants and vegetables for commercial retailers.

HillviewMed CEO Ken Vande Vrede said: “We are excited to be the first company to bring a full spectrum hemp product to market using Infuz2O proprietary technology.

“We feel that with our best in class growing capabilities and APP Technology, we can bring unique beverage experience to consumers that will satisfy their desire for both clean functionality and clean refreshing taste.”