Italian Food & Beverage (IFBC) intends to expand its fine wine and Italian food distribution portfolio with the addition of HUB’s energy drink.

IFBC entered an agreement with the beverage company to import and distribute the product across the US.

Founder of Sandro Forcolin noted that the new partnership with IFBC will help expand the energy drink’s footprint in the US, following previous successes worldwide.

Forcolin said: “The taste of our energy drink has been well accepted during its test marketing campaign. We offer a terrific product and feel quite confident that with IFBC’s solid marketing and distribution resources, we can make great inroads into the US marketplace.

“The taste of our energy drink has been well accepted during its test marketing campaign.”

“With health-minded millennial consumers as our target audience, Hub’s clear labelling of its safe, beneficial contents will resonate clearly. We eagerly look forward to conquering the US market with the aid of IFBC.”

Energy drinks are said to be the world’s most popular dietary supplement and is often consumed by teens and young adults.

The latest agreement is expected to further enhance IFBC’s appeal to the younger market and provide a platform to offer other products such as sports drinks and power bars.

IFBC operates as an importer, exporter, merchant, distributor and dealer of fine wine and food products. The company has established wholesale distribution headquarters, offices and warehouses in several countries, including Italy, Singapore and the UK.