Irish whiskey brand Hinch has partnered with major US distributor Chopin Imports to enter into the American market this month.

The partnership follows the company’s launch of its plans for a £15m distillery and visitor experience in Belfast last year and is expected to form an avenue for the launch of its Celtic-inspired Ninth Wave Gin brand.

The American market makes up for 40% of Irish whiskey sales worldwide, considered the second biggest market for gin.

Hinch is also making its entry into the Irish whiskey market in Taiwan in partnership with distributor Brandwerk.

Brandwerk a dynamic new player in the premium spirits category in Taiwan market.

The company noted that it made its way into 20 additional countries during last year, fuelled by the response garnered by Hinch Whiskey and Ninth Wave Gin.

Hinch’s Ninth Wave Irish gin won Double Gold and ‘Gin of the Year’ at China Wine and Spirit Awards (CWSA),  the first ever Trophy win for the distillery.

Hinch Distillery chairman Dr Terry Cross said: “Taking our first ever trophy at CWSA 2020 makes the team very proud and is a highlight for us during what has been a very surreal year for business. The awards demonstrate that our hard work and technical knowledge is recognised at the highest level.”

The distillery was established last year by Terry Cross, an entrepreneur and founder of Delta Print and Packaging firm.