Heineken has acquired a minority stake in Oedipus Brewing, a craft brewery based in the Netherlands.

Heineken Netherlands CEO Pascal Gilet said: “I think it’s fantastic that we can work together with the people at Oedipus. Thanks to their superb, colourful, progressive beers and a wonderful mix of design, music and culture, Oedipus has established a unique position in a short time.

“I am really impressed by the creativity, passion and imagination with which they brew and present their beers. They are a source of inspiration to many and know how to bring people together, something that I personally value enormously.”

Oedipus is engaged in the production of beer in the region. The deal is expected to further expand its product quality and distribution network. Oedipus will retain full control of the brewing process.

According to a letter posted on Oedipus’s website, the investment from Heineken will enable Oedipus’s founders to open a food and beer bar, launch a cultural venue and construct a sustainable farmhouse brewery near Amsterdam.

Heineken’s latest deal comes after it made minority investments in Belize Brewing Company and London’s Brixton Brewery and Beavertown Brewery, www.brewbound.com reported.

Last month, Heineken acquired a significant stake in Biela Ecuador from a group of local investors.

Biela Ecuador has established its place in the Ecuadorian beer market over the past few years, with the re-launch of the Biela brand.