Health Canada has granted a research license to cannabis-infused beverage maker BevCanna to research the stability and homogeneity of water-soluble cannabinoid infusions in water-based beverages.

The license will allow the company to conduct research activities such as standard operating procedures (SOP) development, stability testing, sensory evaluation and quality assurance that involve direct handling of cannabis.

BevCanna chief commercialisation officer Emma Andrews said: “We’re excited about the opportunity to expand our product development and innovation efforts to now validate concepts using cannabinoids infused in our premium spring water.

“Our pristine alkaline spring water aquifer is the ideal source to create these beverages. We have unmatched assets and expertise on our team that will allow us to achieve a speed-to-market advantage and develop products that truly resonate with consumers.”

A North-American consumer research study conducted by the company recently indicated that the consumers were in favour of water-based cannabis-infused beverages such as iced tea.

Led by Andrews, BevCanna’s quality assurance and production team will conduct the research activities at the company’s 40,000ft² bottling facility near Bridesville, British Columbia.

The bottling facility will have access to spring water aquifer, which will be used for producing an initial line of beverages at the site.

BevCanna will test cannabinoid infusion equipment in the lab and at its bottling facility to optimise the dosing technology before commercialising the beverage line next year.

The company also intends to begin stability trials for its two recently announced beverage brands Grüv Beverages and Anarchist Mountain Beverages that will be commercially launched in the Canadian market.