Diageo-owned beer brand Guinness has decided to recall its Guinness 0.0 cans in the UK over contamination fears.

Guinness said that the recall was initiated as a precautionary measure.

Microbiological contamination in some cans of Guinness 0.0 has made it unsafe for consumption, the company said.

The microbiological contamination is said to have been occurred during the production process, and the Guinness team is currently instigating to determine the root cause.

Consumers who purchased the product have been advised by the company to not consume it, and instead return it at the point of purchase for a full refund.

The company further added that it is also asked supermarkets and other retailers to remove all the stock from the shelves and communicate the product recall to consumers.

The recall is said to be applicable for customers in the UK, as the product is not yet on sale in Ireland.

Guinness said in a statement: “We wanted to let you know that as a precautionary measure we are recalling Guinness 0.0 in Great Britain because of microbiological contamination which may make some cans of Guinness 0.0 unsafe to consume.

“If you have bought Guinness 0.0 do not consume it. Instead, please return the product to your point of purchase for a full refund.

“Alternatively, contact the Diageo Consumer Careline with details of your purchase to receive a refund voucher before disposing of the product.”

Guinness launched the Guinness 0.0 last month. The new non-alcoholic beer version was created by the brewers at St James’s Gate in Dublin, the Home of Guinness, was a four-year development process.

Brewers at St James’s Gate created Guinness 0.0 using the same brewing process, with the same natural ingredients of water, barley, hops, yeast.