Grey Goose, a vodka brand of Bacardi, has rolled out Grey Goose Essences, made with Grey Goose vodka infused with real fruit and cold-distilled botanicals, in the US.

Claimed to be the brand’s most expansive innovation to date, the new launch includes all-natural ingredients and comes in three flavours.

Due to the growing demand for fresh flavours and natural ingredients, Grey Goose Essences has been born out of the popularity of simple cocktails that feature vibrant flavours.

Meant for those who sip mindfully, each Essences expression comes with an ABV of 30% and contains no artificial ingredients, sugar or carbs.

Just as all Grey Goose products, Essences is gluten-free and provides a light, smooth taste with an immersive fruit and botanical flavour palate.

The three expressions include the citrusy Strawberry & Lemongrass, the floral White Peach & Rosemary and the peppery Watermelon & Basil.

Grey Goose vice president for global marketing Martin de Dreuille said: “We’re beyond thrilled to debut Grey Goose Essences.

“Spritzes and mindful drinking have been growing trends, and with consumers increasingly trying their hand at mixology, we knew there was an exciting opportunity to create a distinctive liquid that would take the guesswork out of mixing light tasting and delicious cocktails at home.”

The flavours in each expression are drawn from fresh fruits and botanicals from around the world, such as France, Spain, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Grey Goose cellar master François Thibault chose the ingredients.

The fruits, picked at the peak of their ripeness, have been blended with the cold distilled botanicals and Grey Goose vodka.

Each batch of the expression has been created using winter wheat from Picardie and water from a well in Gensac-La-Pallue that provides Grey Goose its signature smooth taste.

Thibault said: “Grey Goose Essences has been a labour of love for both me and the brand.

“The freshest ingredients were meticulously searched for and a unique distillation process is used for each fruit and each botanical to ensure we captured the purest flavour in every bottle. All three Essences flavours reveal the most perfect expression of the ingredients they contain.”

Grey Goose Essences is now available at spirits retailers across the US and carries an SRP of $29.99 for 750ml.