Scotch whisky brand Glen Moray has expanded its Elgin Heritage Collection with the addition of 21-year-old (Yo) Portwood finish single malt whisky.

The product was released at this year’s Whisky Fringe Festival, which took place in Edinburgh.

The company notes that its new Port finished single malt expression offers a combination of spicy sweetness from the ex-bourbon casks, as well as the wine flavours that develop from port casks imported from Portugal.

Glen Moray Distillery master distiller Graham Coull said: “Glen Moray 21-Year-Old Portwood Single Malt Whisky is the perfect balance of American oak and Port flavours. Immerse yourself in what is a wonderfully complex dram.”

To achieve a perfect balance of American oak and Port flavours, Coull aimed at the interaction of the spirit with the Port cask towards the end of maturation, which is said to be one of the key aspects for Glen Moray 21-year-old Portwood finish single malt whisky.

With 46.3% alcohol by volume (ABV), the multi-layered whisky offers berried fruits smothered in creamy vanilla, rich caramel and freshly baked gingerbread on the nose.

Glen Moray 21-year-old Portwood single malt whisky offers a taste that is initially dominated by Blackcurrant and liquorice and is later followed by chewy caramel toffee and chilli infused chocolate.

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Glen Moray’s new variant is available for a purchase price of £125 per 70cl bottle.

In December 2016, Glen Moray launched the new Elgin Heritage range with three new single malt expressions, which were aged 12, 15 and 18 years.

While the 12 and 18-year old expressions were matured in American oak casks and contained fruits with vanilla, the 15-year old was a combination of sherry and American oak cask styles and consisted of spice, dried fruits and dark chocolate.