North America’s alkaline water brand Flow Alkaline Spring Water has expanded its presence in the US market.

In the US, the company will source water from Seawright Springs in Augusta County, Virginia.

The company claims that the water sourced at Seawright Springs is similar to its Canadian spring for key indicators including calcium, magnesium, potassium and calcium carbonate. It offers a smooth, easy-drinking mineral spring water with a natural alkaline with a pH of 8.1.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water founder and CEO Nicholas Reichenbach said: “We are so grateful to have found such a unique source of naturally alkaline spring water in the beautiful state of Virginia and to be able to further grow our mindful hydration business in the US.

“By expanding production into the US, we can provide more naturally alkaline spring water to our customers with our robust retail partners in a more efficient, sustainable and timely manner.

“Our US fan base is extremely loyal and we’re honoured to give them this heritage spring water that has the same amazing taste and functional alkaline benefits while further reducing our carbon footprint.”

Additionally, the company has established a new production plant in Verona, Virginia to reduce the impact of shipping and vertically integrate its production.

Flow’s new plant is expected to help the company to meet the growing demand for its product.

Flow Alkaline completed the production runs for its US-sourced Flow Alkaline Spring Water in June and the product is shipping to US retailers.