FitVine Wine, a winemaker based in California, has unveiled a new label design that showcases the brand’s winemaking philosophy.

The company said that the layout includes a label shape that expresses the movement of the brand’s signature running man logo.

The company also expects the label to offer the brand opportunity and access to health-conscious consumers by visually attracting them to FitVine Wine.

The company’s wines contain less than 1gm of sugar per litre and low sulfites, for easy integration into many diets, including keto, paleo and coeliac.

FitVine Wine co-founder Tom Beaton, along with Mark Warren, said: “Navigating the wine aisle can often be intimidating and overwhelming, so we wanted to create a new look and feel that is colourful, fun and approachable.

“As we continue to grow our distribution in new retailers nationwide and offer more varietals, this new brand architecture supports our evolution, while still offering the same low sugar, fewer sulfites and no flavour additives wine.”

FitVine Wines offers a comprehensive portfolio of wines, including a variety of white and red, ranging from the bubbly Prosecco to the limited-edition Holiday Red alongside classic varietals equally perfect for pairing with weekday meals or a 5k road race.

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FitVine Wine products are available at retailers such as Whole Foods, Earth Fare, Sprouts, Fresh Thyme and Binny’s.

The company’s wines contain less sugar, fewer sulfites and no flavour additives without compromising taste or sacrificing alcohol content.

FitVine Wine said that its proprietary process allows the company to extract more colour and tannins, with all wines filtered with diatomaceous earth and micron pads.